A range of consultancy services, tailored to your requirements

Bespoke Consultancy Projects


Tailored engagements expressly aimed at driving business improvement, growth & profitability. Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy review & planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Sales optimisation
  • Partner & channel development.

Strategy & Planning Workshops


Aimed at senior management teams and hosted in an off-site location, away from distraction. Tease out and address the key issues that may be holding your business back. Lay the foundations for change, establishing buy-in right from the start. 

Optimisation Training


Behaviour drives success. Comprehensive hands-on training instils best practice and ensures your sales and marketing teams deliver. Covers both individual & team-based activities and combines real-life examples with role-play.  

Troubleshooter Prime


An internal review examining critical areas of your operations, front-end activities and market positioning. The output is a report and presentation of findings & recommendations aimed at improving key processes, enhancing market presence and increasing sales. 

Troubleshooter Plus


Essentially an extension to Prime, Troubleshooter Plus, includes input captured from key customers, partners and other external stakeholders to provide the most rigorous 'drains-up' appraisal of capability and awareness. 



We stand by our reputation for trust & integrity. Consequently all engagements are carried out in utmost confidentiality, giving you complete reassurance and peace of mind.  

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