Complimentary directors' briefings

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The Directors’ Briefing is an opportunity for senior business directors, business owners and partners to see how Marketing & Sales Optimisation can help deliver significant revenue growth. Conveniently-located and delivered in a relaxed, inclusive environment, the session will provide practical insights into how - with some simple techniques - you can increase awareness of your brand and offerings, generate better leads and inspire your team to sell more. Topics covered include:


  • Golden rules for creating a slick Digital Marketing Engine
    - Which are the best tools: minimum cost, maximum return
  • Golden rules for setting your Marketing budget
    - How much should you be spending, what on and how to get the best bang per buck 
  • Golden rules for killer content creation
    - Avoid the pitfalls and find the shortcuts for creating great copy & design
  • Golden rules for killer lead generation
    - It’s all about finding the right combination of activity to unlock the vault
  • Golden rules for optimising Sales performance
    - Prospecting, engaging, presenting, generating killer proposals, closing
  • Golden rules for Marketing & Sales harmonisation
    - Break down the barriers and get everyone pulling towards the same goal  

Get the results your business deserves by using different techniques, changing behaviours, and shifting attitudes

Delivered by our lead consultant

The session draws on direct practical experience, gained from thirty years working in senior marketing, business development & sales roles within IT, Telecomms & Tech industries.


"Highly recommended"

"Outcome orientated & diligent approach"

"Results of the highest calibre"

"Outstanding strategic thinker & motivator"

"Meticulous & totally professional"